Is Your Beer Cold? Party Fridge Tips for Event Managers

When you are holding a party with plenty of beverages for your guests, or managing a fun company event where drinks are required to keep everybody relaxed and ready to network, you want to make sure that the drinks you are serving or allowing guests to help themselves to are cold, well stocked, and easy to find.

Ideally, you want a large fridge or chiller just for beverages, and, if this isn’t something you have readily available, it can be well worth hiring a party fridge or chiller that you can use for this. This can also save you the hassle of moving or clearing out your usual fridge if the event is at your house! Once you have got a chiller hired that is big enough for the size of your event, it is all about stocking it, refreshing it, and managing it through the party! Here are some tips:

Stock Drinks in an Organised Way

Within your fridge or chiller, allocate different spaces to your different beverages. You may be serving different brands of beer, or beer in both bottles and cans, and want to make it easy for guests or servers to easily grab what they want. Keeping wine and beer separate also makes life easier, as does having an area for non-alcoholic options and mixers. This not only makes getting people’s drinks faster and easier, but also helps you quickly see what is running low ready to restock.

Restock From the Back

To make sure people are getting the coldest possible drinks, when you have to start restocking your fridge or chiller during the party or event (particularly if it is an all day event), add new bottles or cans at the back, pushing those that have been in the fridge the longest to the front. This way people will always be grabbing the drinks that have had the longest time to chill.

Provide Things to Help Keep Drinks Cold

Once people have taken drinks they can warm up pretty quickly, in the sun or simply in a guest’s hand! Leave out a good supply of insulated beer holders they can slip over their bottles, cans or glasses to keep their beers as cold as possible while they enjoy them, and make ice easily available and regularly refilled for other drinks. You can also use a freezer to frost glasses if you are planning to serve drinks in them.

It can be hard to get drinks cold and keep them that way, especially in summer, but with these tips you should have a fighting chance of making sure your guests are enjoying nice, cool beverages at your event!


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